Installation of our cabinets is fast, clean and easy. Other methods of construction will take several weeks or more and require mixing of products like cement, stucco and thin-set, not to mention the mess created by cutting block or cement board. Our installers are experienced cabinet installers and can set your cabinets in 1 day for most jobs. Granite is templated and installed in the following 2-3 days. One last follow up visit is required to install any appliance your project may require, such as a grill, refrigerator or side-burner. That’s it. You can have your beautiful, custom outdoor kitchen in about 1 week without the usual time consuming, messy process the other guys use.

If you are a handy DIY kind of person you can install these cabinets yourself and save some money.The process is simple and we can provide step by step instructions.

Trappuzzano In Progress

This project was installed in about 5 hours and is now ready for granite.

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